Redefining Life @ IIM Raipur

Every moment at some corner of the country there is someone dreaming of living a valuable and life defining moments in those temples where people from different backgrounds gets molded into future leaders of Corporate world.

It was the same case with me till my dream came true on 14th June 2014 when I entered IIM Raipur Campus with loads of excitement and equally weighing aspirations and expectations. It was not the same campus what I visualized before coming here but it didn’t took me much time to realize that the fragrance of a B-School has nothing much to do with the size of the campus but the lifestyle we get habituated to and the highly intellectual peers we share our space with is what defines a B-School.

The pride IIMian in me with so much expectations and fully confused mind with no clarity about things happening around had surprises unveiling at every moment which made me look at my life with different perspective altogether. Seniors who take out time to teach us their experiences in clearing our confused brains and make ourselves habituated to the most unexpected irritating schedules (at least for fresh graduates) looks like demons at times but they suddenly turn out to be closest buddies when they celebrate our happy moments. We become members of a family when we get to celebrate festivals on every other occasion which made me confident to stay away from home for the first time and this culture is what it makes a B-School different.


10501623_10152344809349069_7804151734989772643_nI got to meet a bunch of strangers looking vibrant and fierce like a pride of lions set to hunt on its prey as they have been long waiting for this opportunity. Eventually those fierce lions became part of my life and now they are called as my friends who are crucial source to my learning. The peers are the best source of my inspiration for me to keep constant efforts in whatever I do and involve myself 100% (We call it peer-pressure). Even before feeling relaxed with the partially cleared “confused mind” the other side of celebrations have started in the form of boring and drowsy sessions and it doesn’t take much time to realize that there is a wide gap between the expectations of faculty and the real I in me. For an average Btech student in me who rarely attends the classes (with mind present), the lifestyle at IIM Raipur introduced the real taste of life and taught the physical sense of hard work.

Those frustrating corporate lectures ( though knowledgeable), guest lectures, most frequent assignments, quizzes, term papers, presentations and so on.. taught me how to prioritize in my life when I have a schedule spanning more than a day to plan in 24 hours. I started experiencing the fun in working late nights sometimes spending sleepless nights.

The working culture at IIM Raipur made me a good team player. I started appreciating the efforts of my colleagues. Most of us usually celebrate our own successes, but real happiness lies in celebrating the success of others, one of the greatest learning in my life. The numerous celebrations we get to enjoy whatever may be the occasion makes it more than just a school, may be this is what is real learning, with 360o approach towards life.

The late night combined studies just before exams where you distribute topics among team members to learn and share makes me realize the latent teacher in me. The early morning discussions on innumerable topics over a cup of coffee keeps me updated with the current happenings.
I learned to trade off between alternatives, it could be trading off breakfast for sleep, sleep for meeting deadlines and many more. This place provides a platform to reform once life into a garden of roses, the seeds being sowed by 20 dozen aspiring brains facilitated by 2 dozen odd scholarly brains.


As they say, we get to know our real strengths only during hard times. I feel every day in a B-School Is filled with loads of commitments, to meet assignment deadlines, prepare for next day’s classes, to get involved in club activities within the Institute and to participate in external competitions and the list goes on. We get to involved so much into the process that meeting regular deadlines consistently becomes part of our life and absence of deadlines makes us feel lost.

I feel B-School is a medium of transformation for young aspirants aiming to be the future leaders of corporate world to develop themselves into their own true selves helping them realize their strengths and work on their weaknesses and become perfect individuals.


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