My NMIMS Mumbai CD-PI experience, Avishek Dutta

After preparing for about a month and with a handful no. of calls in my basket, I boarded my flight for Mumbai to attend the scheduled CD-PI. Butterflies were there in my stomach and I felt slightly nervous before the big day. But, a good sleep and a light breakfast made a decent start to an eventful day. Below is an excerpt of the two separate interview processes I faced – MBA CORE and MBA HR.

Written score: 216; Percentile: 97.87


CD (case study) experience:
12 candidates per panel, time allowed for case reading: 5min. and time for discussion: 20min.
Case given: The given case was based on the job opportunities in the Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities. A bar graph was given and we had to discuss on the reasons for the same.
• There was no fish market in the CD and everyone put forward their points along with assumptions and explanations.
• My strategy: I started the case discussion and gave strong points initially. Then I made 2 more entries throughout my discussion. Keep limited but meaningful entries.
Suggestion: In the time given to read, clearly jot down the major points on which you will speak. Be assertive and not aggressive. Try if you can give structure and direction to the discussion. You don’t need to come to a conclusion. Your thought process is what is examined. Try to be one of the first three speakers in your case discussion. Don’t start any argument or be a part of it. Keep an eye contact with all the candidates in your panel.

Personal Interview (10 mins)
P1: Just observing, P2: keeps on barging in between my answers, P3: pleasant
1. Hi Avishek, what is the meaning of your name?
2. What have you learnt in your 3 years of work experience?
3. Why is the IT sector doing well especially in the last 2 years or so?
4. Is TCS doing better or Infosys? Data for attrition rate?
5. Most of the IT people are leaving their jobs for MBA. What would be the percentage in your opinion? Why so less? Are you sure?
6. Which specialization would you choose if you are selected?
7. Choose now between Marketing and Finance.
8. What is the one difference between Selling and Marketing?
9. What are the other calls you have?
10. Any questions for us?


Suggestions: Be confident and think before you speak. More or less, every candidate had 10-15 minutes of PI, so you need to be honest as well as convincing in your answers. If you can’t answer one question, don’t let it dampen your spirits. Keep a smile throughout the process, it helps.


Written analysis
The given case was on a supervisor who calls a team meeting whenever he has to take an important decision. He is also biased towards some of his subordinates. Is the manner in which he takes decisions always correct? (15min to write about the problem at hand and give solutions)

Case discussion ( 5 mins for reading and 15mins for discussion)
In a company OEC, there is a vacancy for a supervisor’s post for a start up in Gaza strip. The job requirements are given. Also are given, the profiles of 5 candidates. We were needed to discuss about each of them and rank them in order of preference. The group had to reach a consensus.
Personal Interview (10-15 mins)
P1: sleepy, P2: energetic and smiling
1. Hi Avishek, take us through your life (experiences) till now.
2. What have you learnt in your graduation days?
3. Tell us more about your social work in TCS. What inspires you to work for the underprivileged children?
4. How has the experience (about work) been at TCS?
5. What is the role of an HR person?
6. You are doing well in your company. Don’t you think an MBA would change your work profile? Is it for the good?
7. So, now that you know how HR works, what is your preference – MBA Core or MBA HR?
8. We can’t assure that after 2 years you will get a handsome salary. You might be expecting a lot, your thoughts?
9. What is your family background?
10. What role do you see yourself in after doing MBA HR?

After the interviews got over, the wait for the results started. The results came out on a late evening when I was in office. I was elated and shared the good news with my parents, mentors and friends. Meanwhile, I got selected in other b-schools. But I chose NMIMS after some thought and speculation.

Looking back at the last six months, it was a decision well taken. My advice to aspirants is to believe in them and be well prepared for the CD-PI process. There is no substitute of preparation.

My best wishes to all the NMIMS CD/PI call getters.


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Great read! Really helpful for those aspiring.

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