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MANAGE is a premier Institute of agri-business management. It is located in city of Nawab’s that is none other than Hyderabad. It’s lush green campus is a best example of mesmerising beauty. Being an agriculture student , I have dream a of getting into this Institute. After overcoming all the hurdles and obstacles, which I passed through, I made my way out.I started my studies with zeal and passion .Not only academics ,I have to learn many other aspects of a formal life like punctuality, enthusiasm of doing work, collaboration within team, adaptable to any situation and last but not least be confident .Being a MANAGite , behavioural skill is very important. Knowing what I am getting myself into, can relieve a lot of the stress associated with new management college, that is MANAGE. It’s important to know what to expect when you start your new life and the knowing is better explained to us by the seniors who are the real mentor to us. The good news is that everyone else around you is in the same boat. MANAGE provides a real platform to preserve our career ahead. It provides countless resources to help us. We have to utilize all of those resources efficiently and effictively, because managers are known for only this. Steve Jobs has well said “people do different things, but managers do the things differently.”

Life at  B-school (MANAGE) is a mixture of ‘paradoxes’, ‘oops’, ‘damn it’, ‘gotcha’, ‘OMG’ and their sibling stuffs. One puts in one’s best foot forward in a B-school with dreams like studying a lot, becoming a topper, reading lots of books, participating in B-schools fests, along with enjoying the last two years of academic life with good bunch of friends, with intelligent girls (of course I’m talking about boys in here) and finally securing a good job in an MNC with a short, followed by a medium and long term, plans (well I don’t know, which is an apt word for this goal/target, these MBA jerks confuse people with closely related words). Sooner than later we realizes that the SWOT analysis we did for this was a kinder Garden exercise and so that was way different from the naked truth.

Life @ MANAGE  is lot more than what meets to eye. If it’s not a cakewalk then it’s not a yoke around one’s neck too. It’s about burning midnight oil and doing (no)thing, it’s about brainstorming and taking no conclusion back home, it’s accepting everything and sustaining nothing, it’s saying ‘my friend I agree to what you said’, when you hate the person and abhor the idea, it’s about inclusive learning, it’s a journey with sweetest friends with great mettle, with differentiating capability, it’s learning from wizards, it’s meeting corporate honchos, it’s getting to know THE REAL life, it’s a place where dreams are transformed into the reality, It’s an arena where you learn as how to take the bull by the horns, it’s life @ a B-school. “It is really surprising how much memory is built around things which go unnoticed with time.” These memories never let you bid farewell to your alma mater and friends. Every now and then these memories bring in the reverie,” Can’t I get back to those days?”Only then you realise that the time has passed, you can never get back to those times, but the truth is that you can never leave them behind because you carry them with you in your heart & in your mind.

Coming to MANAGE, I as a student want to learn alot. Professors,Seniors are the real backbone of MANAGE, they only make us to learn a variety of learnings, which helps to excel in any of the field. “MANAGE will the best time of my life. It will truly be a life-changing experience, it also is one of the most fun times of my  life. Coming to a truth of second life that is being enjoyed here is MASTI@ friends, DHOOM@FRIENDS, DRAMA @FRIENDS without these things blended among each other second life is of no meaning. Lectures are of un-ending time ,waiting for it to get over all the time but ,after the time when all our efforts are in vain simply coming out of the class to get refreshed. Among us every time one –two will be there to criticize us why??? we are out of the class. Bunking the classes has its own importance in our life’s. Mimic the professors, enjoying sip of tea, and going out of the campus for late night parties is a big break through. Late night studies, with supporting wrap of YO-YO, soupy noodles sharing with lovely friends, competing who will solve the quiz fast and many more assignments make the life of B-School dazzling.

Really, this is a very big platform for us excel in life.

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