Zindagi Gulzaar hai..Even in B-school

The wind in my hair, the soft, moist grass cushioning my head, the velvet tapestry of sparkling stars becomes the stage as the shape shifting monsoon clouds conjure up myriad stories in my head. The moon gleams down its silver light as the lyrics of a popular Bollywood number from a friend’s phone float the zephyr that is as mystic as it is soothing. Oh yes I have company, a company that shares my silence as we sit spellbound in the magic weaved by Mother Nature. A company that chooses to share stories this transient feeling of peace unearths out of our memories.

No, I am not off vacationing in Shimla or Mussoorie. I am spending 1st term in a B-school, in common parlance known as ‘hell’. How I managed to find my ‘heaven’ amidst the hula boo this term is notorious for, surprised my own self. A self-proclaimed traditional ‘worrier’, I am not a natural to stress and time and self and panic and anxiety and other blah sorts of management. My compatriots would differ with me on the definition of ‘heaven’, of course when stories and stars can be concocted out of VAT69, where is the need to wait for a monsoon day in the new ‘Lagaan ka rainless gaon- GurGAON’.

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Kishore Pisapati

“In Rome, bring in a little India” – that’s a nice touch. Eloquently written! I especially love the ‘Mingle-‘ para.

Praveen Gupta

Nicely written 🙂

Kriti Wahi

very nicely written, MDI portrayed as we have grown to love it.. 🙂 😀

Sarthak Brahma

A touch of Wordsworth to begin with…having bollywood written all over it, and some subtle philosophy here and there..a very nice read.
P.S.> loved the title..goes with the ‘bollywoodistical’ tone of the article 🙂

Abhirup Bhattacharya
Abhirup Bhattacharya

Fully agreed Sarthak. The story has all the makings of a bollywood movie 😛

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