Fun Time @ IIM-Indore

What kind of a life do you expect at a B-school? Lectures, mess, faculty, assignments and business projects? Well, considering all that has happened in our college, I can say that there is much more into it than we think. As I passed out of my school as a science student, I was very much excited regarding what new things I shall experience in a radically different environment- a management institute. Frankly speaking, the day I had to get myself enrolled for the management course in my institute, was a day full of curiosity and restlessness. All the time the same thought was bumbling in my mind – ‘What next?’ As I entered my hostel room, I met my roommates who were already unpacking their stuff. After the exchange of a bit of pleasantries, both of them returned to their work. I found it very awkward to strike a conversation (I was introvert by nature).

Hoping that this would not happen with others I met, I went out to wander about in the campus. I was very tired by the time I reached my college’s sports complex. That’s when I realized what a 200 acre campus is. I sat down for a while and subconsciously was lost in my thoughts. I saw the setting sun, birds flying back to the nests and the day coming to an end. I felt the same. I had spent an entire day on campus but still I hadn’t made any friend yet . As I pondered over this, someone woke me up from my trance (Yeah this someone is probably the same guy who brings you out of your problem!). This guy was from the same batch as me and was one of the extrovert kind. He introduced himself and we had quite a long talk as we dawdled along the road leading to our hostel. Being with him shunned the sensation of solitude that was haunting me till now. I had actually made a friend. This was not all. This new friend of mine introduced me to other great guys who became best of my buddies.

Next day onwards we had our lectures. The faculty was not as the one I had expected. Apart from teaching, assignments and all that stuff, they came out to be extremely lively. One of my favourites is my mathematics instructor. Seriously speaking he is just like our friend. We go to the gym, watch movies, enact out dramas and dialogues and what not! I mean ‘highly non-trivial'(one of his favourite phrase). And one more important thing about our classes is the concept of- ‘Proxies’, although we have biometric attendance. Without this the ecstasy of bunking would have faded! This concept was learned by us from our seniors. Oh great! I just missed out telling you about our seniors. They are simply awesome people. We had an event or so for our ‘Formal Introduction and Meeting’ (dark sarcasm intended!) with them.

 We laughed a lot….

 Jokes apart, we opened a lot to them as well as ourselves. Afterwards, we also had a DJ night where we danced and hooted throughout until we all were dead tired.

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  1. Apoorv Boudh 3 years ago

    strong emotions beautifully conveyed.!

  2. Jaihit Soni 3 years ago

    Well, quite an interesting college life! \m/

  3. Divyansh Bhatt 3 years ago

    Upsurge of emotions!Really great portrayal of college life in a simple language! 😛

  4. Ishan Gulati 3 years ago

    Nice composition!! 🙂

  5. Divij Advani 3 years ago

    Very beautiful article, truly describes the journey in the most beautiful way

  6. Amit Sinha 3 years ago

    😛 😀 😆 🙄 😳 😉 :mrgreen:
    All sorts of emotions in this beautifully described journey.
    Thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Fun Time @ IIM-Indore

by Harsh Chandra time to read: 4 min

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