It’s always a great learning to meet some of the brightest minds of the industry, says Vishal Kumar Singh, TAPMI, Manipal

Internship experience at Wipro Technologies by Vishal Kumar Singh, T.A.Pai Management Institute (TAPMI), Manipal
Arthur C.Nielsen once said, “The price of light is less than cost of darkness”. This quote goes well with Analytics which started its journey as a core competency or competitive advantage for industries but will soon become the hygiene factor of any MNC firm. Healthcare is one such industry which needs analytics for value creation considering the huge investment involved in it. 
Wipro Technologies has been investing significant capital, time and manpower in analytics to be the industry leader and efficiently manage its client base. It was a great opportunity to be a part of WISE (Wipro Summer Internship Experience) as a member of AIM (Analytics and Information Management) team catering to various business functions. The selection process involved a PI in which the basic analytical skills were tested and few questions on past experience (I had work experience of 22 months) to check if my profile fits in the requirements of the role provided by Wipro as a part of its Internship program. It’s always a great learning experience when someone has the opportunity to meet some of the brightest minds of the industry who have witnessed the changes of the industry. As a part of my internship, I was catering to the Healthcare and Life Sciences Business Unit and my industry guide had over 13+ years of experience in healthcare. There was a lot of support and learning from my buddy (Another manager allocated by industry guide) as well, who shared his experiences and learning about the healthcare domain. 

The internship revolved around the healthcare industry which is battling through changes with increased regulations, price sensitivity of the market and falling R&D productivity. One such regulatory change is the Global Transparency Laws surrounding the industry which requires pharmaceutical industries to track and report each financial transaction with the Healthcare Organizations and Healthcare Professionals. Sunshine act incorporated in USA and EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry and Association) are the two most important Transparency laws. This law has been passed to avoid huge kickbacks which are given to the physician to prescribe drugs that have not been approved by FDA. The data which will be published as a part of this disclosure, will be available on a centralized website and various analytical techniques can be used to draw insights from these data. In view of the huge volume of data available,  the project dealt with understanding various existing and proposed transparency laws, defining important KPIs for Pharmaceutical industry and then creating a solution based on the available data to analyze the spending and gain business insights for accelerating the speed and quality of business decisions. There is lots of white space from Wipro’s perspective, as these laws are being passed across USA and Europe and the whole IT healthcare industry is worth 56.7 billion USD.
The project involved creation of a dashboard based on various KPI metrics and required learning of various data visualization BI tools like Qlikview, Tableau or Spotfire.  The managers had a busy schedule and so it was all about learning by oneself with some helps and guidance from them. It was really great to learn the whole working of Qlikview BI tool by myself in a short duration of 3 weeks and I was appreciated for this effort by my industry guide. This was a significant confidence booster for me and it was one of the incidents which stood out for me apart from many similar great experiences.
The key learning of the internship experience were:
-Healthcare industry domain knowledge: Watching and understanding the industry from an IT industry perspective.
-Various regulations in the healthcare domain and how it will affect the industry
-Study of Sunshine Act and the Global Transparency Act 
-Analyzing unstructured data to create a structure and connecting these data points to draw meaningful insights
-Working on Qlikview and creating dashboard
There is a significant demand for managers who have the right knowledge and analytical skills. Internship is a great experience which prepares one for the bigger challenges that are waiting outside the college gates and the real battles of the corporate world. There is fair amount of fun which keeps you alive and motivated to excel in your work. So work hard, party harder !

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