The Business Today-YES BANK SME Survey & Awards

The SME sector in India stands out in the economy as one that is truly innovative, creative and constantly evolving to push the boundaries of what can be achieved.  Therefore it is important for us and larger corporates to recognize the contribution of SMEs. It is essential that entrepreneurs in the country band together to discover how they can form a community or a network of support. It is only with continued support and encouragement that Indian SMEs will grow to shine on the world stage.
The 5th Business Today-YES BANK SME Survey & Awards 2013 is an excellent initiative taken by Yes Bank and Business Today. It supports and recognizes the efforts start ups in India. In a testament to the diversity of the startup market, the 5th Business Today-YES BANK SME Survey & Awards recognizes and awards remarkably performing SMEs across sectors with titles such as the Best CEO, Best SME, Social Responsibility, Innovation etc. In 2012, Business Today-YES BANK SME Survey & Awards received an over 4 lakh SME applications and is recognized for its transparent evaluation process.  Notable Winners last year were Star SME overall-Ankur Scientific Energy Technologies Ltd, Star SME for Manufacturing-Ankur Scientific Energy Technologies Pvt Ltd, Star SME for Services-Mynd Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Star SME for Trading-S.L. Packaging Pvt. Ltd, Star SME for Agriculture-StarAgri Warehousing & Collateral Management Ltd.Best SME for Social & Environmental Responsibility-Yennai Hydrocarbon Services Pvt Ltd,Best SME for Innovation-Molecular Connections Private Limited.
Do you run or know of a creative and unique start up that deserves recognition? Just click hereto know more about the application procedure.

Last Date to Apply: 7th March, 2014

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The Business Today-YES BANK SME Survey & Awards

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