Star of the Month- January: Monthly Writing Competition

About Star of the Month:
Star of the Month is our monthly writing competition to recognise the author who has written the best article among all the entries received in a month. 

Prize for winner: Certificate
*E-Certificates of participation for top three entries!

Rules & Guidelines !
1. The event is open for all participants globally. The participation can be in the form of an individual only. 
2. The article can be on any business issue. However, it must be original and free from plagiarism. If your article is approved for the event
a. It cannot be posted on any other blog/site.
b. References(if used) for the article should be provided.
c. The article should not have been sent to any other online or offline event in the past
3. Rule of Judging: It will be purely on the content and quality of the article and the level of interaction on the article.
Score distribution : 
50%- Content quality of the article
40%- Originality of insights
10%- Quality of comments received
4. The minimum word count of the article will be 800 words. There is an upper limit of 2000 words.
5.Only Graphs and Tables can be included in the article. Use of no other image is permitted. Font style: Times New Roman Size:12. Please do not use any fancy formatting. Headings and Sub-headings also in size 12 and in bold.
6.The articles for the event needs to be mailed in .doc format to along with your name and a short bio about what you do with the subject line as “Jan-Starofthemonth-YourName”. The last date for sending the article is 25th January,2014. You will hear from us within 48 hours after sending the article whether your article has been accepted.
7. The winner will be declared on 2nd February,2014 and the winner will be communicated by email. The decision of the Management team will be final. There will be exactly one winner in each month.

In case of any queries, feel free to mail us at or leave a comment below!


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