E-Commerce to M-Commerce- The next wave !

The Indian Ecommerce Industry might be in a nascent stage presently but it has the positive potential of an amplified growth in the near future. It is changing the way business is done and sowing the seeds for a whole new economy: Rising incomes coupled with greater variety of goods and services that can be bought over the internet is making buying online more attractive and convenient for consumers all over the country. The internet is opening up new avenues for the people in rural India which is changing the lifestyles, the quantity and the quality of consumption.    
E-Commerce is booming in India with mCommerce closely following it. In a country with over 930 million mobile subscribers against 160 million Internet users (Including 86 million mobile Internet users), it is quite obvious that mCommerce set to become even bigger.

A quick glance at the eBay India Census 2012 report indicates that e-commerce is here to stay. eBay Census 2012 research findings were based on an analysis of all online buying and selling transactions by Indians on eBay between July 1, 2011 and December 31, 2012. At eBay India today, every one minute a mobile accessory changes hands and every two minutes a mobile handset. It has 4,306 e-commerce hubs today, of which 1,015 are hubs in rural India, indicating that consumers in the smaller towns of India are a major force in this online growth story.

Market Leaders in India:
INDIA – Internet Demography:
Internet Country Code
Internet Hosts
Internet users
100 Million+
Internet penetration
8.4% of population
Number of internet connections
22.39 million
Broadband Users
13.35 Million
Users access through mobile
Average speed
256kbps, 5.6 mbps internationally
Why is M-Commerce very hot these days?
The world has evolved into a place which is always ‘on’. The size of content grew nine times in five years to nearly two zettabytes in 2011. In short, every activity that we perform is shifting to the digital landscape.
Mobility has been a strong factor behind the growth of on-demand services and the ever-connected world. In India, Internet access via mobile devices is continuing to grow compared with Internet access via desktops. The increasing capabilities of mobile phones mean they can perform similar tasks to a traditional computer but they have additional features which makes e-commerce a much better experience. The convenience of discovering, researching and purchasing on the go added with the functionality of a quality product search (such as RedLaser and barcode readers), local product search (eBay, kleinanzeigen) makes whole purchasing experience more context aware. There is a strong upward trend of transactions via mobile in most of the leading e-commerce companies.
Smartphone’s, pagers, PDAs,
Operating System
Windows, Unix, Linux
Symbian (EPOC), PalmOS, Pocket PC, proprietary platforms.
Presentation Standards
Microsoft Explorer, Netscape
Phone.com UP Browser, Nokia browser, MS Mobile Explorer and other microbrowsers
Bearer Networks
TCP/IP & Fixed Wire line Internet
GSM, GSM/GPRS, TDMA, CDMA, CDPD, paging networks
M-Commerce key Challenges:
-Poor Mobile Network:
-Device Constraints:  
-WAP security Issues:
-Too many devices, too much choice
-Payment pain
-Site performance
-Mobile screen design
The mobile Internet channel has opened up possibilities that businesses once dreamt of. There is a big gap though that exists presently. The good news is that the sources of consumer frustration like slow transmission speeds, difficult user interfaces and high costs – are being addressed by operators and equipment manufacturers. M-commerce players will need to move fast to improve the user interface and innovative pricing structures. Despite the initial frustrations of the early users, consumers envision that once many of the glitches are worked out, mCommerce will become an integral part of their daily lives.
[The article has been written by Bhupendra Meena. He presently works as Senior Consultant with a leading IT company and has an interest in pharma and retail sectors.]

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E-Commerce to M-Commerce- The next wave !

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