Women in Corporate Domain !

Some facts and statistics:
  • Women are the critical economic participants and contributors to economic growth.
  • Women bring integrity, compassion and accountability in the position they work in.
According to a latest CII report:
  • India ranks 96 out of the 177 countries in the gender development index of  UNDP
  • Just over 54% of women are able to read and write in India.
  • Women in Indian companies constitute just 18% in medium and 5 % in large companies.
The world has been habituated with male dominance since ages but the time and perspective has now been altered. People say that glass ceiling has always been there for women, but today, women are able to manage power on both sides of the business transactions. They are not just influencing the market; they are the market.
These days we see women leading companies and industries that have been historically male dominated. For instance Hewlett-Packard has Meg Whitman as their CEO. So women are definitely making their mark and exerting their business power.
Politicians like Sushma Swaraj symbolise the increasing importance for women in Indian Politics

This change is because of many factors, one of which is relationship. Even though we live in a technology-driven world, it’s still a human world and relationships still matter. This is where women radiate. Men be given are informers while women are real communicators. Hence the shift in business from informing to communicating provides great opportunity for women leadership.

Indeed the bottom line is that diversity has always been an implausibly powerful force in any company—not just in regards to interracial diversity, but gender diversity as well. Diversity gives you better solutions to challenges, provides faster problems solving, and renders better opportunities. In order to expedite the same we’re going to need a variety of thinking and people working together in a collaborative, communicative way to make a positive and productive transformation possible. The key to success is not just hard core technical know-how but also to get people communicating, collaborating, and working together as every job is also a human job.
Apart from that, having an emotional drive can be a very powerful arm in leading a business, product launches, and any initiative and that is why women have it  in them to be great leaders whereas on the other hand men  incline to understate the positive benefits of emotion and passion as a force to drive innovation and growth.
Besides, women are forthwith embarking on to do something that’s been a male trait for a long time: They’re becoming risk takers. Men are hard-wired to be risk takers, and they make decisions fast. But, it may not be the right decision always, but it is a decision. Women, on the other hand, ramp up to analyse, think things through, weigh all the elements, and then make a decision. Today we’re seeing more women taking bigger risks in shorter amounts of time. This combination of thinking first and acting fast is certainly good news.
Safety, flexible work options, work-life balance are few factors that can increase  participation for women in organizations.
So while all these traits may not apply to every woman, if you look at the group in totality, these things turn out to be true. If we take a look into the future, we’re going to see the number of female business leaders growing even higher: we need the  balance, we need the creativity. We need men and women working and leading together in business and in government. So, all men reading this, corroborate women around you to attain new heights in their career and all women gear up to be world-beaters!

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