Does Corporate India need a Chief Happiness Officer?

Why is ‘Happiness’ being talked about so much in the corporate world? Are people making ‘happiness’ a priority? Does ‘happiness’ at workplace mean promotion, money, or an international assignment? Are having ‘happy’ employees important for an organization? Is happiness making a ‘COMEBACK’?
These are just a few questions which came to my mind while trying to pen a few thoughts for this article. My first reaction to this was “Why Not”? It’s no secret that happier people perform better, are healthier, are more creative, dare to do more, respect different thoughts, are more receptive and in turn also spread happiness and smiles galore!  
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Recently, in the book “The How of Happiness” author Sonja Lyabormisky explains that happiness is attributed to the following: 50% heredity, 10% life circumstances and 40% intentional activity. We cannot control the “60%” because of genetics and external factors. However, we can work on the “40%” which is through our actions and deeds. Chade-Meng Tan, the Chief Happiness Officer at Google has also instituted the “Search within Yourself” which allows ‘Googlers’ improve their emotional intelligence and overall mindfulness, thereby making them happier, productive and better leaders. Happiness is therefore an individual choice! It is important to bask in the highs and cry through the lows. It is okay to get hurt and make a fool of yourself in a meeting, asking questions which might make you seem ignorant…make mistakes but rise up again and enjoy the learnings.

We have within ourselves “Happiness Officers” waiting to blossom! Why not take a chance and do something that makes us “feel” happy! Some things that can help us take control of our happiness and can help spread a few smiles at the workplace are:
1) Don’t overstress the “WIIFM- What’s In It for me”:
Sometimes it is important to deliver that extra bit not mentioned in your To-Do list (read KRA), and stepping up to help a collaegue for no apparent reason! This may not add any zeroes to your paycheck nor would it reflect as an ‘Extra Initiative’. However, this may allow us to be more ‘giving’ and will allow us to add value to someone and their jobs. This is the joy that “WIIFM” cannot buy! It’s a moment you will cherish.
2) Appreciate Others:
There’s no better feeling than being appreciated for what you do, isn’t it? Try this small wonder today, to let someone know how much that person means to make your work and life a better one. It may be your colleague who always schedules your meetings and cancels it on your beck and call; it may be your subordinate who never says “NO”, make an effort to appreciate every person who makes your life a little better and manageable!
3) Learn Constantly: You are enrolled in a full time, informal school called LIFE-each day in this school you will have the opportunity to learn lessons. Don’t shirk away from doing work that seems to be ‘menial’ or not something that I ‘somebody else’s responsibility’. Work for doing the best today and tomorrow the fruits of it will follow. Do not procrastinate… do not wait for tomorrow to pick up the call to apologize or appreciate your colleague, do not wait till the year end to take some time out and talk to your boss on the possible hardships that you are facing at work…DO it now!
4) Remember that your Performance rating is not the “Be All and End All”: Growth is a process of trial and error, experimentation. “Failed’ experiments are as much a part of the process as the experiment that, ultimately ‘work’. Stay on top of your profession- take charge of your growth, and continue to develop professionally. Set some goals for yourself and request help from your seniors, if you need it. Take professional development courses that interest you and build on the areas of improvements.
Try each of these tips, one day at a time. After all, we spend too much time at work trying to be unhappy.

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