Branding strategy of Fair and Lovely

“With the consumers brand is also growing,

With the modernization of consumer, brand is also modernizing,

With the transformation of women, brand is also transforming with their changing needs.”


The tube of Fair and lovely has its presence in many homes whether they are rich or poor, rural or urban. It is the favourite of women of different age groups ranging from college going girls (even school girls) to older women. Fair and Lovely has dominated the market for long period of time and nowadays also it is doing pretty well despite the increased competition both from domestic and international brands. All this is because of loyal customer base it has created through great marketing efforts of the company. With a pack of Fair and Lovely, the company doesn’t only sell the product but also hopes.




The success of a brand depends on various factors such as right product at right time to right consumers with right marketing efforts. There were various advantages for Fair and lovely such as, it has backing by strong company like HUL, which is always considered to be acumen of marketing. Furthermore, it was first product to be launched of this kind in India.  This Brand also focuses on a specially designed marketing drive for villages.


Marketing is divided into three phases





Fair and Lovely is able to sustain in the market in spite of increasing competition. With changing market dynamics Fair and Lovely has also changed by constant innovation and new product launches such as 


Fair and Lovely Ayurvedic fairness cream: Ayurvedic formulations with saffron

Winter Fairness cream

Fair and lovely multi vitamin cream

Fair and lovely face wash


Fair and lovely also introduced products in mens range and the has presently has presence in 40 countries


Advertisement has always been a great marketing mix for Fair and Lovely. The advertisement shows the whitening effect on its cover only by showing a face six times in whitening progression, as woman becomes fairer she is even more happier depicted by showing two pictures of woman as before use and after use. To verify, instrument such as fairness meter is given along with the pack.


The TV commercial of Fair and Lovely also shows highly depressed women and after use of Fair and Lovely she fulfill her dreams and meet with happiness.




With the launch of Fair and Lovely Ayurvedic cream, public relation campaign was also launched in which emphasis was given on importance of Ayurveda in Day to day life.


Launching Fair and Lovely foundation:Foundation works on same theme of providing girls with education so that they can become self independent.


Launch of Contest where viewers were asked to match TV stars with their ayurveda signs.



Initially, the advertisement campaign which was launched by Fair and lovely was somewhat biased toward darker skin and attracted a fair share of controversies with people blaming that fair and lovely mixed beauty with fairness. But now the advertisement campaign which is focussed on “fulfilling the dreams” and “transforming the women”. HUL did not create prejudice, it already existed there. It used it to increase selling of its product.




Positioning of brand keeps on changing with evolving customers. Initially advertisements were focused on aspiration of girl getting the right man, but as aspirations kept on changing, advertisements have also started evolving about achieving career, status, self achievement etc. This can be supported by Airhostess ad, Ayurveda ad, Cricket ad of Fair and Lovely. Fair and Lovely has always listened to their customers needs  and has changed accordingly thus becoming one of the favourite brands of its followers.


[The article has been written by Divya Bhatia. She did her bachelor in Physiotherapy and has completed her Masters in Management from Welingkar Institute of Management, Mumbai.] 

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