A promotion, moving up in life or simply climbing the corporate ladder is something that’s pretty high on the list of anyone who is either already working or planning to start working soon.  That’s precisely why I chose to write an article that will give those of you who are looking to move up in life some tips on how to get promoted without asking…

Be Yourself
Being comfortable in your own skin is the first step to self-acceptance which is the key to success at your workplace.  Just be yourself, don’t fake it because superficiality is just too much hard work.  Use your energy to stamp your work with your own distinctive style instead of being a wannabe.

Help Co-Workers
I know gratitude is not something that most people display and we do tend to avoid helping others just because they often refuse to acknowledge let alone appreciate our help.  But really helping people as and when you can is good karma so I would recommend investing some time and energy doing that.  You never know whose help you might need so lend a helping hand when you can.  


More importantly don’t forget to back off when people say they don’t need your help.  

Your Deadline Should be Yesterday
Be punctual, arrive on time, attend meetings on the dot and deliver your work and results before time.  Your deadline for your work should be yesterday, it’s the only way of ensuring that you get things done that too when they should be done.  Time is an important resource and being particular about when you do your work will definitely win you brownie points.  

Do What You Say, Say What You Can Do
 When you commit to a task ensure that you do it.  People (especially bosses and the powers that be) have scant regard for subordinates who over promise and under deliver.  This is precisely why you should ensure that you always do what you say and say only what you can do.  

Work Towards Value Addition
When assigned a task, most people regard it as part of their duty and display hardly any excitement in doing it.  They approach it as something that they have to do and hardly ever think about how they can add value to it.  Even if it is writing a report think about how you can add value to it by considering the reader’s perspective!

Be A Team Player
Most people get a kick out of being one up and showing other people down.  This might result in momentary satisfaction but is the surest way to make enemies at work.  As part of an organization, you cannot expect to work in isolation and succeed at what you do.  Listen, brainstorm, suggest, don’t compel, offer help, mentor juniors and negotiate to build a great team that you can work with.  

Don’t Gossip or Backbite
Every person has some shortcomings, talking about people behind their backs and indulging in gossip only works to bring down your credibility.  It is natural to have an opinion about someone which might be adverse but the good thing would be to tell that person up front albeit tactfully rather than talk to other people about him or her.  

Think Ahead
Take a long term view of things and always have a backup plan.  Plan A is important but getting to Plan B is equally if not more important.  Your higher ups will definitely notice your eye for detail and value you for your vision.

Work Smart
Most of us tend to work hard instead of working smart and that is a big mistake.  We must look for ways to do more with less so come up with time saving measures, easy ways to do difficult or monotonous tasks and just be more productive.  

Offer Solutions
Don’t list problems, instead look for and offer solutions.  Who likes a whiner?  Everyone knows why something cannot be done or what problems are likely to occur and everyone appreciates a problem solver who can give one solid reason why something “can” be done instead of listing one hundred reasons why something “cannot” be done.

While some people might find all of this too idealistic, I would say it is the most practical approach to getting noticed as a valuable employee at work.  All of these tips are the result of my observations and experiences as an employee and I certainly hope that they will help you get that promotion without asking for it.


[The article has been written by Mariam Noronha. She is a teacher with over eight years of experience. She has taught a wide range of Management related subjects and has authored and presented papers at national and international seminars and conferences. An avid reader, researcher, writer and blogger; she has authored numerous articles in the fiction, web writing and travel writing genre. ]

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