Neuro Marketing- Getting Inside our heads

At a particular curve in one of Mumbai’s roads there was a problem of too many people losing control of the vehicle because of the curvature of the road . Speed breakers , spot speeding fines , nothing seemed to slow down the drivers because the road before the curvature was wide and vacant . Hence the rush of blood. They consulted a company and they came up with the idea of reducing the distance between the ‘White divider lines ‘   for  about a kilometer on either sides of the curve. They said this would give the impression to the driver that he is driving very fast when he is actually going at 40 Kmph because our brain is used to a particular speed of those white lines moving . When it changes, our brain gets alarmed and adjusts speed accordingly . It worked and  the number of accidents significantly reduced. Our brain is not so smart afterall ! This forms the basis of Neuro marketing. It studies what ticks our brains and markets product accordingly.   Fortunately it is not very easy for companies to influence our brains . A lot of research and effort goes into designing Neuro Marketing strategies.  

When Johnson and Johnson noticed a steep decrease in their band-aid sale over the years ,they tried a lot of new marketing strategies to boost their sales up . When a number of those strategies failed they decided to go neuro . You might not have noticed this but the earlier the Johnson and Johnson band-aid counter in a super market would have a cut-out which would show a child with a smile and a band-aid on his arm.  This was replaced by the cut-out of a child who had just got injured and had scraps all over the arm with a line below the cut-out stating ‘This could happen to your child’. This played on the psyche of the Indian parents . The fear that the same situation could arise with their child and they would need a band-aid , drove the sales up . There was a steady increase over the next months . Simple isn’t it ? 

Big names such as Google, CBS,  and Frito-Lays  have used neuromarketing services to measure consumer thoughts . Currently research is being carried out on how to influence people at stores and supermarkets. This research is based on the fact that it’s easier to convince a buyer on the spot rather than trying to convince him on the television and hoping he will remember that while making his purchasing decision.  This field is just beginning its journey towards making a big impact. With so much knowledge and technology being put into it, it’s only a matter of time before Neuromarketing becomes the next big thing.

[The article has been written by Praveen S.He is 23 year old blogger who is currently a Post Graduate student at NITIE Mumbai, pursuing General Management. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from NIT Allahabad. Football,Fiction and Films are what makes him tick the most. ]

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