Do we really need more entrepreneurs than managers ?

“Think big, think fast, think aheadIdeas are no one’s monopoly.”

Do we Indians really believe in the perfect blend of astounding vision, aspiring mission and justified implementation? For how long will we remain a job seeker to our economy? How much and what more motivation and spur do we need just to come out of our colonial service oriented mentality?
We certainly don’t have answers. May be a few has, but just few.
Don’t we think the Google evolution and face book factor could have been started in the silent doors of IITs? May be yes. If NASA is dependent on Indian brains for various missions, if more than 30% employees of Microsoft are Indians, if the stack of big brand foreign Universities are overflowed with Indian brains( real brain drain though), then why is US more prosperous than India? Indians are universally known for their intelligence and Math-ability, then what’s the wrong with India when it boils down to prosperity?
The simple answer is Lack of entrepreneurship.
Having 1.17 billion populations with 27% lying under the poverty line, if India wants growth, then we need to exterminate poverty. Simple solution seems to be employing the unemployed. Not at all simple though. If the top part of the pyramid is truly aiming for the self-satisfaction of Maslow’s law by seeking jobs, then do we have anything left for the lower pyramid?
NASSCOM and CII have estimated that if India wants to be a developed country by 2020, it needs to create 10 million jobs. The million-dollar question is how these jobs are going to be created.
Government sectors can’t help for such a large amount. So here come private sectors with smiling face. Though industries are expanding but not at that rate to consume such a large number. Fortunately or unfortunately, the solution and answer is bound to be the same old cliché “Entrepreneurship”.
Why do we need entrepreneurs, because they create jobs as per TIE (a non-profit Organization for promoting Entrepreneurship), each entrepreneur creates at least 30 jobs. They set the stage for a booming economy unlike a mediocre manager, a job seeker, a burden to an economy.
Managers will do bits and pieces; use their credibility and intellect to make the big bosses (like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mukesh Ambani, Ratan Tata) to win the so called “My Company biggest and bestest” rat-races; whereas the entrepreneurs make themselves and nations richer.
Why do people flock to US, simply because the US has more opportunities. What can be done to prevent this self ruining brain drain? The answer is again to promote entrepreneurship. Look at the figures of Indian exports: software business proudly mounting its head. But again, we Indians have got a benchmark of “good at service” (serving US for money).
Dhirubhai Ambani

The very known and true story of realization: The IIMs (Indian IT Males) try for IIMs, participate in the rat race and become just managers and secure high paid jobs. Had Dhirubhai Ambani,JRD Tata,S.P Godrej thought in the same way, we would not have got such large industries which are even capable of acquiring International Giants.

Entrepreneurs are people who turn dreams into reality. They are the wealth creators of economy. This self created wealth insulates the economy from recession and helps to make it robust and reliable for FIIs and FDIs. The entrepreneurial aspects of inclusive growth in an economy like India having such demographic dividend may create a huge impact in global arena.
Entrepreneurship in India will help to avoid monopolies and it will help Indian market export competitive and will make the “MADE IN INDIA” brand more acceptable with quality products and services. It has been found that nations with quality entrepreneurs always have a pro-liberal government supporting and promoting entrepreneurship; hence economy like India should have policies favorable to businessmen and entrepreneurs which will lead to an win-win situation.
Why only business tycoons? A simple example of spiritual gurus. Ramakrishna created Swami Vivekananda. Swami Vivekananda has created thousand of Vivekananda who are capable of running the monasteries successfully in absence of him. This shows how a vision is born, how a mission is realized and an implementation is materialized.
So the message is quite lucid. We need more entrepreneurs. It is high time for government to realize this fact and promote entrepreneurship with suitable mentorship programmes for new start-ups and then only it can see that the so called service oriented juntas are carrying their own economy on their shoulders towards a new horizon. The day is not far when a proud-Indian-father can boast “My son is now an “Entrepreneur.” That’s what you’re called when you don’t have a job.” -Ted Turner

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A very nice read. loved it

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