Creating Blue Oceans

I had read an amazing article about creating blue oceans.While the drive for cost cutting is in the air for anything and everything, we need to remember the old saying ‘need is the mother of all inventions’.The need is not only to cut costs and lay off staff from business organisations but the need is to grow and sustain, look for long term goals than short term benefits.There is a need; a need for change, it is hardly about collective growth that you hear these days but what you hear is all about cut throat competition. We have come to the belief that only demolition of the competitor can lead us to growth and prosperity (surprised! look around and you would see it; you do not hear about how we can enhance and prosper but how we can take over the others).
Unnerving ideologies all around us,have made us biased to the opinion that this is the only way that we can survive; this is only way we can grow. We are happy about the companies coming in and investing as it leads to growth or are we just too easy to penetrate cheap customers (don’t get offended but that is also the way the world looks at.....) What is the solution and what is the point? Strive for solutions than problems.Strive for enhancing quality and not only quantity; let me put across a very raw example in front of you. A student in one of the many Pune engineering colleges had a passion; passion for playing an action computer game, all he knew was to play that game really well, yes the engineering went into vain. But you know what happened? He continued to play the game started entering into tournaments started winning them; became a national player, and now earns five figure money in a month! What would you say? Whatever you say the fact is it is proven! Creating blue oceans is similar to creating ideas and solutions to ageless issues and finding a way through to make something better than you found it.
How can you do it? 
A) Understand your passion, if you love your job you would work for the solutions
B) Think beyond the box : stop being a stereotype; it has not been done before because nobody tried it real hard. 
C) Be open to critics and faults, they are not hindrances but they are loopholes you need to improve on. 
D) Strive for excellence and not just break even perfections. 
E) Quality enhancement should be the aim, quantity would follow. 
F) Trust yourself and trust the people you working 
G) World works on logic: Don’t fight, don’t resist, you cannot change the world instead find the logic.
H) People are the driving forces for everything; get people onboard to share the view.
I) It is important for people working for you and working with you to have clear and common goals
J) Give directions and don’t expect the expected results: free will and space for mistakes will bring in growth when people share common goals at large.
Bring in the change it is high time we do; I and You can do something about it. Last but not the least, loosen up, take a walk and create the blue oceans, as Einstein had once replied to the press on the eureka of the bulb, “I did not fail, I just found a thousand ways were it won’t work.” Get inspired; leave things behind start afresh and start to create the blue oceans.

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