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Well often we talk about corporate culture and organisational structure within an enterprise. I am sure almost anyone reading this article at this moment is well aware about the implications it normally has in deciding the fate of a company. One of the important factors that decides this is the hierarchy within the enterprise. So what are the different hierarchy levels within any setup and especially family run setups which still prefer it over a flat structure? Let us discover it !The following are some of the levels in my view:
1.The Hero
The founder of the company: it was his vision, courage and determination which made it reach this far. He still remains the most admired and respected face and in fact can easily be spotted in board meeting by his sheer willingness to listen to suggestions. To add to this, he remains the most humble person and even greets and tries to reach out to a newbie in his company.
2.The Big Boss
Generally from within the first family (or extended), he is the face for the company. But, unlike the hero (founder) he was born with the silver spoon. He makes sure people know who is running the show ! He sets rules, you follow them. After all, he is the “Boss” ! Need (or rather should) I say more ?
3.The loyalist
He is one of those who has been with the company from its very inception. He normally has loads of experience and is regarded as no less than those from the first family. Both Hero and Big Boss hold his views in high esteem before taking any critical decisions ! Negative aspect: Not willing to adopt new techniques and a huge ego.
4.The Big Shot
Generally the team leader, he is the guy who has always delivered when needed. ‘Hero’ and ‘Big Shot’ share a mutual respect for each other particularly because both have similar humble beginnings. If ‘Big Shot’ commits something, he makes sure it happens. A fierce competitor, values time and encourages new talent.
Whether one likes it or not, every team has one. He challenges conventions and even questions Big Shot’s decisions at times. Extremely talented, he sometimes reminds Big Shot of his early career life. He is definitely a great prospect for the long run.
6.The Mob
Well, finally the follower class ! They are the ‘yes sir!’ people and lack any originality whatsoever. Does it need more explanation?

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