Facebookization Vs. Twitterization: Who wins?

There has been lot of changes happening in the social networking space. The rise of several Facebook clones and also multiple micro blogging platforms like Jaku( which even happens to be open source). However, in the midst of all these one thing seems to have got totally unnoticed.That phenomenon is facebookization of twitter and twitterization of facebook. If we look closely the two platforms are not much different either: They both work on the phenomenon of people you know or people with whom you share interests or have any other similarity. Now the question is what makes them so different ?
Twitter also now allows pictures and videos to be embedded within the content and that can be seen or played without leaving the page. So in a way Twitter is trying to emulate facebook. However the 140 word limit which is seen as a hindrance to ultimately replace facebook, actually works to its advantage. Can a working professional spend all his day on Facebook? Definitely No. Then he tweets ! It is just 140 words so he can find time for it ! Moreover with the use of hashtags he can reach a far greater audience who share the same interests ! Also it is great for Brand promotion: 140 words are more than enough! Now what is facebook’s answer to this? An user can even update his status through mobile or even on voice. So isn’t Facebook eating into twitter’s share?
Moreover Facebook will very soon start threatening the blogging sphere leaders like WordPress, Blogger, Typepad and other players in the domain with its Note facility now available. How? That is because when you write something on Facebook Note,  you can tag your friends and for any one(by this I mean most of us) writing on the blogging sphere- We want our friends and colleagues to know what we are writing about and get appreciated. Facebook definitely can do it because the world lives on it ! The question therefore is: Can WordPress or Blogger provide an answer to tagging?
In coming days it will be seen that there will be a very thin line differentiating networking platforms and then it will be just a number game in which Facebook and Twitter lead the race so far, unless another Mark Zukerburg is in the making !

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Facebookization Vs. Twitterization: Who wins?

by Abhirup Bhattacharya time to read: 2 min

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