The Ultimate marketing

The ultimate marketing? What can that be? Well it is none other than the consumer’s favorite four letter word  “Free”. The very concept of it is intriguing and thought provoking. I had in a previous post (“Beware of free”) spoken about how free can be a game changer. Well it is much more than that !

Imagine you travelling from London to San Francisco and you get a discount on your ticket ! You are elated ! Moreover you have heartfelt gratitude towards the airlines for providing you this waiver. Now imagine how you would react if there is 100% waiver?

You visit the nearest comic book store and decide to get your hands on the latest Batman comic! To your surprise the shopkeeper gave it to you without charging a penny.

Are you dreaming? No. You were used to getting discounts right? so why not a 100% discount? Well the airline or the shopkeeper isn’t doing that for free- Your airlines trip as well as the comic book will be ad supported. It is through these ads that both the parties will make more money than by charging it from you. This indeed is the ultimate form of marketing.

In this form of promotion- it is mutually beneficial for both the parties. It ensures wider circulation of his product thereby increasing his and his sponsors’ chances of becoming a popular choice among the consumers and the buyer gets it for free ! leading to a winning situation for everyone.

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