The shy guy- who’s he?

Stereotypes!! Its never a good thing to build stereotypes but still we do! Lets see what image a marketing guy brings to our mind – Aggressive, fast, agile, pushing… right? And normally people with such qualities bring about the sales and are the prized possessions of any marketing team. Yet invariably, in every marketing team there is generally one guy who is quite different (think! he is also there in your team), he is aloof, sober, does the bulk of the physical work, and generally gets pushed around!

But is he a marketeer? I mean if he doesn’t have the stereotypical qualities, he certainly doesn’t fit the bill? Right?? I bet you are mistaken.
The shy marketeer shows certain traits which are unmistakably contrary to popular beliefs, but he is also the same guy who spends hours analyzing the bulk of the sales you brought last week… in short he develops a unique ability to spot trends. Don’t underestimate this guy!
And this isn’t all! The average marketeer pushes sales, drives customers to his products with his idea… it’s fine in the bottom and middle of the pyramid, but does this idea work in a niche market? I bet no. The customer in the niche market has made a name for himself through his own efforts, and he won’t like to be pushed around, he makes his own decisions!! It is here that our shy friend shows his true mettle, he gives the space to his niche client, makes him feel – that Mr. Shy is just here to help him and in turn develops an effective relationship. (That holds the key!) And bingo! big sales and big margins!!!
So next time you spot him, think again- he might just be the ticket to your billion dollar baby!

Food for thought: Did you spot the Mr. Shy in your team ?

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