Secret revealed: The architect’s take

From a layman’s perspective, one might not have an idea what the discipline Architecture is about. Well, for him, my answer would be its all about ideas and implementing them. When one looks at a work of Art, one wonders what might be the idea that drove the Artist to come up with such a master-piece. Invariably there is always an idea behind such issues. Similarly, a work of Architecture also has ideas implemented through technology.


In Architecture, you have this basic framework in which to incubate your ideas into a successful business model:

1. Activity : What the project is all about?
2. Responsibility : Who is in charge of the project and who else share the burden.
3. Locality : Where the site is located?
4. Temporal governance : When is the starting time of the project and when should it end?
5. Information : Which is the client brief and the basic data available?
6. Operation : How the entire project should be handled and implemented?
The above factors are essential to translate an Architect’s ideas into a successful reality. The most important factor is the client base, how you communicate with your client. Knowing what a client wants is of utmost priority. Sometimes, clients are not up to date with the latest designs, then it is the responsibility of an Architect to communicate properly of the latest trends and technology and what marvels can be brought about within the constraints of capital, land and labour. The next important factor is the very project that one is dealing with and its location. The feasibility of a project depends entirely on the location of the site, the nature and size of the site, its surroundings and future proposals around it. There are also the economic aspects, the social impact and the technological issues to deal with. The efficiency of an Architect can be judged by how he manages the inputs of land, labour and capital in the organization of his Architectural firm.
Again like all other businesses, Architecture depends on how one markets a project. A lot of it depends on the project and the “WOW” factor that the project induces on the onlooker. Thinking out of the box is the key. So, the idea behind the project is the pivot on which the entire future of the Architect depends- whether people will like it and whether his client base will increase or not. Nowadays we all see major projects being advertised in the media with the help of simulated walk-throughs and artistic redenderings. All this is done to attract customers and get recognition. Having the right contacts in the right areas is also important in getting hold of major projects. This is why sharing a good rapport with the men from the development authority plays a key role in the process of whether a project is going to pass or not.
So, as an Architect, one cannot just sit and draw plans and sections of beautiful looking buildings. One needs to go out there and grab the opportunity waiting for him in the market, grab a share and start off. Risk taking is an essential ingredient to make a successful entrepreneur and this is just what an Architect needs to start off. Starting off is not easy as there are already a lot of big fishes in the market like the greats of Anant Raje, B.V. Doshi, Charles Correa – the ABC of the world of contemporary Architecture in India and many others. But with determination, talent and the right temperament, if one can survive the initial years then the future can only be bright.

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