Diplomats or salesmen?

In the cold war era and before when diplomacy was a new born term in the world, it used to be more of a market concept. But today, it has shifted from merely a political function to more importantly an economic concern. Why is India seen as a world power and one of the poles in the multi polar world today?
It amuses me how the biggest problem in India after corruption, that is - “Population” acts as one of the biggest assets for India. How Indian markets due to this huge and ever increasing population are attracting huge investors in Indian economy. U.S., France, Syria, U.A.E. and now China, you name a country and the diplomats of that country are looking forward to have good bilateral relations with India. If you see in the far ends inside the country, you will find poverty, food insecurity, internal disturbances and much sinister problems facing. In contrast, the architects of Indian Economy which include our economist Prime Minister and the Big Capitalists, have helped in portraying and lifting India to a level where not just its resources, but its markets too are attracting people from around the world.
If Obama came here with an agenda, to sell whatever could be exported by trying to attract India with the lollipop of UN Security council membership and pampering India as one of the emerged powers of the world and not just a developing economy. Then Sarkozy wanted his not yet tested Nuclear Reactor to be ‘dumped’ into India at any cost and after cutting important social security costs back home he wants India to open its markets for French companies to be able to ‘improve’ bilateral trade between the two countries just to fill the fiscal deficit and to correct the balance of payments facing France.
Diplomacy is no doubt becoming more and more important politically, but out and out, a diplomat has to eye not just on the political scenario but economic prospects for growth and sustainability at large.


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