Searching for winning ideas

While starting a marketing campaign, a company essentially thinks about two things- it needs to reach people and it needs to convert those to sales. It hires the best marketing agency available (in case it’s in house- hires a few heavyweights), gives them a handsome cheque (the best part especially if the cheque bears your name !) and now expects them to deliver. And they do ! Of course that’s why they are heavyweights!
But the reason I am writing this is- How do they know that which idea is going to work ? I mean generally if a person get’s 1 out of 10 campaigns succeed, it’s fine… but getting more than 8 out of 10 needs something particular, something extra- The X factor.
Now what exactly leads to this X-factor in certain particular individuals and teams ? I believe some of these are:
  • Hard work- There’s  no substitute for it. Analyse and Know the market well.
  • Ability to think BIG- Yes, it is important. While making an Ad or while marketing, you may have a target audience in mind, but the best Ad campaigns are those which can be extended to other market segments as well and create sales in those areas. So next time while working in a campaign, think big and ask- does it appeal universally?( with focus on target segment of course!)
  • Ability to think as a team- Always remember ability can open the first door, it can open the second, but it will certainly not open the last if you cant work and think as team. Working in a team leads to the best, and more importantly winning ideas!( refer our post – learning to share)

And now the most important, Think Different ! But how do you think different?? Well the secret is very simple ! In order to design a winning ad, a successful marketer should not think as a marketer. Nor is it necessary to read huge thick books (well I really don’t understand the logic of thick books!It’s too heavy).  Huh!! That sound’s contradictory! The real trick lies is something very simple! To be a successful marketer, think like the consumer! Ask just one simple question will you buy the same product marketed in the same way from Mr. X? And will it be a value addition for you? If answer yes… then that’s a winning idea !

So if you want to be a successful marketer, look around, observe, ask yourself questions because the next winning idea is just near you !You just got to catch it!
Food for thought: Did you think how would you have sold a product, you did not buy last time? Think because ideas make market !!

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Searching for winning ideas

by Abhirup Bhattacharya time to read: 2 min

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