10 people to look out for in office

The 10 characters you will find in every office:

The Big shot– Generally the team leader, he’s the one who has brought the team to this level. Does like it when people say good about him and has little tolerance for criticism. He has seen all the days good and bad, so has plenty of experience to take correct decisions.

The Slogger – The most hard working member of the team, ask him the stats – he knows it all. Enjoys a good rapport with most members including “Big shot” and people respect him for his diligence. Always looking for an appraisal and pay hike.

The Guru– He’s the guy who has the most craziest take on things, innovative and out of the box. If you are in a dilemma, he is the person to seek guidance from. The perfect member for any advertising company.

The hopper– He’s the one who keeps changing jobs every now and then. As soon as he joins, you know he’s not going to stay more than 6 months, in fact he got a call from your rival yesterday. The shy guy- We have discussed about him in our previous posts.( refer : Shy guy…who’s he )

The laggard– He’s the one who always creates last minute bottle necks in operations by delaying activities. Though he doesn’t do it in purpose, but is generally a cause of worry in execution. As a result “Big shot” never assigns him to handle project independently.

The gossip girls– Tell him any thing, rest assure the whole world will know it the day after. Doesn’t do it by purpose, but just that it’s his nature.He is never informed on critical matters and as a result his growth is limited.

The good guy– Always on the look out for helping out people and striking a chord with his clients, peers, subordinates and superiors alike. He’s the PR guy for your team and a very important person for your team’s success. The most ambitious member, he aspires to be the next “big shot” in the long run.

The back stabber– Can the villain be far behind ? He’s your rival’s secret agent in your team. Beware of him. Moreover he also spreads rumors and is involved in office politics. You did doubt him once or twice, but you have not been able to prove it. Have a close watch on his activities.

And lastly, The New Bee – He’s the newest member of your team. Soft spoken, hard working, quick learner and is always seen close to Mr. Slogger. He has already impressed Big shot, and is all set to be handed his first project.

Food for thought :So which one is you? And did you figure out who is the Back stabber in your team?

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